Mark your calendars and tell your friends!
This year Haywood Street was blessed to host Asheville’s Homeless
Memorial Service. We give thanks to all who prepared this event,
those who spoke and those in attendance. May the souls of these
friends rest peacefully: Jackie, Jeremy, Leo, Amber, Felicia, Paul, Terry,
Melinda, Kevin, Thomas, Mark, Robert, Walter, Floyd, Drexler, Dudley, Kyle,
Brandy, Cynthia, Bradley, Sarah and Tanya.
Our appreciation goes out to all who will make Sunday’s Christmas
meal possible. Special thanks to John who delivered 80 turkey and 40
hams for the feast!


1. Remember Haywood Street merchandise makes great holiday gifts and supports our core ministries!

2. Click here to view our 2018 Annual Update

3. Do you have an extra car that needs to find a new home? Imagine how difficult your life would be without a car! Working Wheels repairs and recycles donated cars, transforming them into working wheels for working families. The process is simple and the donation is tax deductible, plus your donation benefits local nonprofits whose clients need these cars. We also need volunteer drivers and mechanics. To donate or volunteer, please call (828) 633-6888 or visit www.workingwheelswnc.org.

4. Luke 3: 7-18  What Then Shall We Do? — sermon by Pastor Mark Siler, 12/16/18


For more information about any of the following, please contact Hannah, Haywood Street Companion Coordinator, at hannah@haywoodstreet.org or 828.575.2477 [ext. 106].


Important Upcoming Holiday Events:
December 21 – Turkey and Ham prep 8am-3pm
      December 22 – Side Dish Prep 8am-3pm
      December 23 – Christmasville prep beginning 8am
      December 25 – Meal Prep 8am-10:00am
      January 7 – Companion Orientation 5:00pm
      January 10 – “Un-deck the Halls”

Welcome Table:

Prep & information sheet

Clothing Closet:
Prep: 10-noon Tuesday and Thursdays
Current needs: winter coats, base layers, men’s/women’s underwear

Commodity Runs:

We are seeking folks to help fill in for the Saturday night Trader Joe’s run as well as the Tuesday morning Walmart run. Please let Hannah know if you are interested.

Our vision of community is rooted in the belief that each person has something to give and each has something to receive, that indeed we all need each other. This perspective forms the basis for our companion ministry, where everyone who walks through the door — whether for food, clothes, prayer, recovery meetings or any other reason — is invited to help make the meal and other programming happen again the next week. And we celebrate the truth that there is not just enough but more than enough when everyone gives what they can.
Make a gift to Haywood St.


Over the past year, many Haywood Street regulars have come to know and love Kyle. Last February, after 6 years of sobriety, Kyle began a series of relapses which nearly took his life. The following letter is one he asked me to share with our community. As he is my best friend, I give thanks for every prayer and ounce of support that has seen both of us through this past year.

With all of my sincerity,

Haywood Street Lead Storyteller


Dear Haywood St. family,

Hi everyone! Man do I miss you guys. Just wanted to let everyone know how I’m doing. Today is day 56 sober! I feel so great. First month was a struggle, but I have grown stronger every day. I’m at a very small treatment center in Tucson, Arizona. Still haven’t seen any grass yet, desert is weird.

I have grown in so many ways. I began to pray again. Twice a day. And have gotten my faith back. Was very close to giving up. I lost sight and my disease took control. Very scary. But very real. I was scared and ashamed to show my face around the church. Obviously, I knew that I should have been there all along. I learned that even being sober for six years, my addiction will never just go away. I always have to be working on it. I’m happy to say the willingness is back and I can’t wait to get back to share by experience, strength and hope with other folks who are dealing with this nasty disease. And also, get back to work in the kitchen.

I will be home Christmas day and can’t wait to see you guys. Thank you everyone who has been a part of this process. Even when I didn’t want the help, you guys were there. See ya’ll soon.


P.S. Everyone give Brook a huge hug for me. She saved my life.

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