If you think you may want to be involved with the bounty of this year’s
gardens, join us for this meeting. Lots of exciting plans in the works!


A huge serving of gratitude for new Chefs @ Welcome
Table parter — Eating Asheville! Not only did they help serve
this Wednesday’s meal, but they are also donating a portion
of the proceeds from all 2019 food tours to support the
Downtown Welcome Table.


1. Interested in helping with maintenance / Haywood Street campus care? Contact Hannah.

2. The Next Step. Learn more…

3. Mark your calendars for the next Art Talk! Thursday, February 28 / 8:30 – 10:00 am / Haywood Street sanctuary — Meet the artists, learn about the process, see the sketches & more. Admission is free and all are welcome to attend.

4. “Jesus Wept” — Sermon by Rev. Combs, 2/10/19


For more information about any of the following, please contact Hannah, Haywood Street Companion Coordinator, at hannah@haywoodstreet.org or 828.575.2477 [ext. 106].
Welcome Table:
Food prep & information sheet

Can you help clean after the Welcome Table meal? We could especially use help on the following, upcoming dates: Wednesday, February 20 (3:00 pm) and Wednesday, February 27 (3:00 pm)

Clothing Closet:
Prep: 10-noon Tuesday and Thursdays

We are in search of companions that feel called to help wash a load of laundry each week for the clothing closet. Please email Hannah if you are interested.

Make a gift to Haywood St.


The phrase “we all need each other” emerged as the theme for our year-end materials, and it is one of the things I love the most about Haywood Street. Everybody has something to contribute. We’re not meant to do it alone.

The phrase is taking on new meaning for me as I have the great fortune of being able to share the role of executive director with a trusted partner, friend and colleague. Starting this month I’ll be sharing the role with Steve Noblitt, who is coming on staff as Interim Director of Staff & Facilities.

Steve and I served together as co-chairs of the board during the first three years Haywood Street was in operation. He has been involved in every major decision facing the ministry over the past ten years and for the past two has chaired our Property & Safety committee. Determined to avoid the perilous path of more rules and restrictions, this committee has advanced a relational approach to campus safety that enables us to be the community we are called to be.

Before coming to Haywood Street, Steve had a full career with the NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. He began as a rehab counselor and advanced to manage the Asheville Independent Living Program, later managing the Charlotte VR office and eventually serving as Western Regional Director. In that capacity, he had responsibility for a 35 county area with 380 employees; 19 offices; and a budget of 30 million dollars. Needless to say, Steve has many gifts in administration and management.

I’ll be focusing primarily on fundraising, financial management, board development and related tasks. Steve will be managing program staff and overseeing issues related to campus care and maintenance. There is no set time frame but we are viewing this as an interim step while we examine the best administrative structure for Haywood Street to ensure that the next ten years are as joyful, spirit-filled, impactful, effective, and Holy (chaos) as the first ten have been.

I am grateful to have more space in my life, and grateful for this new partnership. We all need each other. Thanks be to God.


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