It is always such a joy to be in community with 67 Biltmore. We give
thanks for the abundant meal they provided at the Wednesday
Welcome Table.
Each month, as Haywood Street approaches its 10th birthday, we look to
folks who have been here since the beginning — to share a memory, a
thought, a hope for the future. You can read Jill Gottenstrater’s reflections


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Evaluating “Holy Chaos”

My name is Jessica Carter and I am a senior at Mars Hill University pursuing my social work degree. I was blessed with the opportunity to fulfill my full time senior internship at the Haywood Street Respite. Field internships give new social workers a chance to practice all that they have learned in school. This immersive experience is believed to be one of the best ways to truly learn the essence of social work.

I have been in this placement for a little over a month now, and since then I have done a lot of reflecting on this experience. Prior to my internship I knew very little of Haywood Street Congregation. Before interviewing I did some minor research through the website. While I was impressed with what I saw there, there was no way I could possibly know or feel how much energy was involved in all the happenings within Haywood Street Congregation . During this research the phrase “Holy Chaos” really stood out to me.  I wanted to get the chance to really experience what that meant.

My first week felt like a whirlwind of smiles, new faces, and meaningful encounters. The warmness and welcoming environment that flows through Haywood Street Congregation is contagious and unlike anything I’ve ever felt in the best way possible. My first Wednesday Welcome Table left me reeling at the end of the day trying to wrap my head around such a special experience. I’ve learned that you can never truly know what to expect in a day’s work here, and that’s the best part about it. As I sit here writing this reflection even, my attention has been called out to our friends and companions several times. So while things may seem chaotic in the moment, in reflection it is during these times that the most pure connections are made. I feel blessed to have a placement that allows me to truly be there to assist where and when it is needed.

During my time here I will be working to connect our friends in respite to as many resources in our community as possible. I feel called to again express my gratitude to the entire community that is Haywood Street Congregation. I also want to thank Michael Platz for sharing his wisdom with me, and for exhibiting such compassionate examples in his work on a daily basis in Respite. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your community, to learn here, and to simply experience this holy chaos.

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