Thank you Ultimate Ice Cream for the decadent Wednesday Sundaes! And remember — for the rest of January, all proceeds from scoops of Vanilla, benefit the Downtown Welcome Table.

A round of applause for the staff, volunteers and utilizers of The Steady Collective. And a reminder that this program operates out of room 4 at Haywood Street every Wednesday from 11am-3pm.


1. Tomorrow! Saturday, January 25:  Blue Dream Curry is at it again — serving up incredible cuisine and supporting The Welcome Table while they do it. Come out and Curry for a Cause! From 12 PM – 10 PM, 10% of all proceeds for the day will support the core programs of Haywood Street.

2. May 2020 offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a weekend of fantastic music, from bluegrass to broadway, in support of Haywood Street! Friday, May 8th, the Steep Canyon Rangers hometown show @ Salvage Station benefits the Downtown Welcome Table; Saturday, May 9th, Imagine….Reprise! supports Fresco programming. Tickets for both events are going fast, so get yours today!

3. “The Peace of Christ” — Sermon by Pastor Mark Siler, 1/19/2020

4. “Keeping Hope in Challenging Times” — MLK Invocation By Rev. Brian Combs, 1/20/2020


1. Meal prep and information sheet.

2. Prepare a meal for Respite! Sign up here.


The realm of God, as I understand it, is represented by Haywood Street congregation as well as anywhere else I have ever been.  I can’t remember how I first came to know of it, but I do remember encountering this unusual beautiful disorienting place.  I say disorienting because most ‘church’ I’ve experienced is pretty homogenous in terms of, well everything.  But Haywood Street is about relationship with everyone and that is a holy chaos I don’t find everywhere, but it does read pretty much like the stories of radical love I hold most dear.

The mission of Haywood Street communicates why I’m so honored to be involved with it.  Relationship is the root and basis of the medicine I practice through massage therapy and Chinese Medicine.  We throw around this word “Qi” in Chinese Medicine, and we seek to find language for it.  Essentially, for me, that word means relationship.  Qi holds everything in relationship.  In every interaction there is relationship. My relationship now to Haywood Street includes providing Chinese Medical Acupuncture and massage therapy for staff members.  When I was first invited to do so, I knew it would be ministry both through and to me.  I receive so much from the staff of stalwart and faithful people who literally lay their bodies on the line to be a loving presence to those who have few places to go that are safe and trustworthy.  I find grace in bearing witness to what they encounter.  I do believe that our spirit and minds are knit together with our bodies, and that we are each fearfully and wonderfully made. We also carry one another’s burdens in our hearts and in our bodies.  It is my greatest privilege in my practice to encounter those who provide respite, care, love, and safety to a world so longing for that.

I’m grateful to Haywood Street congregation for bearing witness to the communion of saints present and accounted for within its walls, and for inviting me along for parts of the journey that so enrich my spirit. 

Much gratitude,

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