As of the the end of June, Haywood Street has received 220 pounds of
the highest quality coffee beans from the Welcome Table Coffee Collective.
As coffee remains one of our most abundantly consumed food products,
we are incredibly grateful for the local vendors who offset this cost and
provide our friends with the comfort and conversation that a cup good
coffee always brings.

Own a shop or would like to donate a bag of locally roasted coffee? Simply
bring it by High Five Coffee on Broadway Street and they’ll take it from there!

We are thrilled to announce that all donations made for the completion
and sustainability of the Haywood Street Fresco will be made through
the newly established Charles Burns Fresco Memorial Fund.


1. New Sunday schedule is now in effect!
– Welcome Table meal: 8am-10am
– Clothing closet: 8am-10am
– Worship: 11 am

2. September 20: Golf for Awareness. Registration now open!

3. We have multiple job openings with various start dates this summer. Please check out the new listings on our Employment web page.

4. August 21-22: A Welcoming Table — Ministry WITH Experiential Training Event. More…

5. The Haywood Street Fresco is in full swing! Remember you can stop in on your lunch hour (Tuesdays and Thursdays, anytime between 11-1) and watch the artists at work. And if you haven’t yet reserved your seats for “Imagine!”, do so today!

6. Amos 7: 7-17 “I Am Setting A Plumb Line” — Sermon by Pastor Mark Siler, 7/17/19


For more information about any of the following, please contact Hannah, Haywood St. Companion Coordinator, at hannah@haywoodstreet.org or 828.575.2477 [ext. 106].

Clothing Closet:

– Prep: 10AM – 12PM Tuesday and Thursdays
– In need of folks to pick up dirty laundry during prep days & times.

– Vegetable gardening with Joan: Tuesdays 6:00 pm – dusk & Wednesdays 10-12.
– Flower gardening with Robert Thursday 9-12

– August dates are up on Mealtrain! Click here to access.

– Help keep our campus clean! Come help pick up trash inside or outside of the church: Sunday through Thursday 8AM – 3PM. Supplies can be picked up in office 9 during the designated days/times, or bring your own gloves and trash bags and swing by at your convenience.

Make a gift to Haywood St.


God could have been an aloof deity cloistered in the clouds.  Or a mystery so vexing no one bothered approaching.  But the God of Christianity chose to show up among us wearing skin.  As an act of intimacy, Jesus became like us, human in every day.  During his years of ministry, he had a holy habit of moving towards anyone left out or left behind, claiming as family anyone estranged because of their disease or isolated because of their despair.  Pulling each child of God closer, acting in solidarity, and widening the circle, Jesus showed his followers that love is never an act for but rather a radical accompaniment with.  Trying to imitate his precedent, Haywood St. has adopted a new mission statement, “Relationship, above all else.”

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