New weekly donation! Thanks to local, fermented foods company, Sweet Brine’d, we now have nutritious kimchi and sauerkraut available at every Wednesday meal.

Thank you Partners In Health & Wholeness for sharing Haywood Street’s efforts during this extraordinary time. More…


1. This week’s online service is available here. Worship happens LIVE every Wednesday at 1:30 via the Haywood Street Congregation YouTube channel.

2. “I Can’t Breathe” — sermon by Rev. Combs / June, 2020

3. “The Good Samaritan” — sermon by Rev. Combs / June, 2020


1. Make a meal for Friends staying in Respite. Click here to sign up!

2. Donation needs: tampons, small & medium women’s and men’s underwear, toothbrushes and toothpaste, small (30-34) men’s shorts and pants, men’s shoes, belts, and hats.

NEW DROP OFF TIME: Tuesdays 10 am – 12 pm.




Father is a man who always was loving me, even when I was at my worst
Father is giving me food when I am hungry and water when I thirst
Father is working so hard to make sure I had what I needed
Father is giving me a whipping cause I deserved it, even though I pleaded
Father is teaching lessons in life that you will need to learn
Father is chopping wood so we can have a fireplace for the winter to burn
Father is giving me a stare with those sharp, stone eyes
Father is telling me, “Son, it takes a REAL MAN to cry”
Father is loaded up the car to go for a family camping trip
Father is laughing and kissing momma, I think he had a sip
Father is fishing with me beside a nice river bay
Father is always right so listen to what he has to say
Father is handing me the keys to my very first car
Father is pushing the limits with me, telling me to reach for the stars
Father is tough, loving, stern, tender, always loving never ending
Father is trying to keep up the new age, technology and trendy
Father is dressed up in his Sunday best, shaking the preacher’s hand
Father is rocking the guitar, killing it. I could be in the next rock band
Father is grilling out cheeseburger and hotdogs, fireworks, watermelon on the Fourth of July
Father is waiting on mother to make her famous pecan pie
Father is going through “cancer treatments” and times are getting rough
Father is cleaning out his car garage, man where did he get all this stuff?
Father is watching the football game, rooting for his favorite team
Father is living every day, things he never imagined or dreamed
Father is hiking the trails, showing me how to love God’s earth
Father is showing me every day just how much he is really worth
Father is collecting pictures, stamps, hobbies just for some fun
Father is watching early in the morning for the rising of the sun
Father is gone and is always loved and will surely be missed a lot
Father is watching you from above so watch hoe you walk around and trot