A beautiful service was held at Haywood Street on June 1 to celebrate
the life of Charles Burns. Click here to read Charles’ eulogy, written and
presented by one of his dearest friends — Rev. Brian Combs.
Wicked Weed Funkatorium — Ya’ll really out did yourselves! Thank you
for a wonderful day of food, fun and family!
Between songs from a fifty-person, Georgia-based youth choir, the
shared gifts of world-renowned pianist, David Troy Francis, and the
operatic offerings of Asheville-based Soprano, Simone Vigilante —
you could say Wednesday Worship left most of us speechless.
David and Simone will be two prominent acts in the upcoming fresco
benefit “Imagine!” and tickets are going fast! Click here to reserve yours!
Remember that WelcomeFEST is just around the corner! Please consider
purchasing a ticket which not only covers your meal, but subsidizes a
meal for a Haywood Street Friend and supports the Downtown Welcome


1. The Asheville Street Feet Project foot clinics are now held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays from 11-2 in room 1.

2. Gentle yoga in the sanctuary, Wednesdays from 9:30 – 10:30.

3. Haywood Street is hiring! Haywood Street Respite, Assistant to the Program Manager job description can be found here.

4. June 12 Peace Education topic is HOPE. Group meets in the Sanctuary at 10:45. All are welcome to attend.

5. In an effort to ease the many inherent challenges presented on Sundays, Haywood Street is considering shifting the Welcome Table meal from a late lunch to an earlier breakfast (8:00 – 10:30) and moving Worship from 3:15 to 11:00. It is our hope that this amended meal time will help lesson the anxiety and hunger pains which many of our friends experience upon arrival. An 11:00 worship service would allow Companions to attend worship following the meal, and Haywood Street staff to have more rest and time with family before the early demands of Monday morning. Your voice in this change is valued an important. Should you have questions or comments, please direct them in kindness to haywoodstreet@haywoodstreet.org.


For more information about any of the following, please contact Hannah, Haywood St. Companion Coordinator, at hannah@haywoodstreet.org or 828.575.2477 [ext. 106].
Welcome Table:
Prep sheet & Information
*** Can’t come for all four seatings on Wednesday? Consider coming for “second shift” from 12:30-2:30 to help with the final shifts at the Welcome table !***
Clothing Closet:
– Prep: 10-noon Tuesday and Thursdays
– In need of summer items, water proof/resistant shoes, shorts, t-shirts, shorts, tanks, men’s and women’s underwear
*** In need of folks to assist with laundry. Please come pick up/drop off laundry Tues/Thurs from 10am-12pm, there is no timeline, just bring them back at your convenience! ***
– Vegetable gardening with Joan: Wednesday 10-12 & Sunday 1-3
– Flower gardening with Robert Thursday 9-12
*Will be closed June 17 – June 27 while new floors are being installed.
Campus Maintenance: 
– Come anytime on Mondays 6:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Make a gift to Haywood St.


(Adam pictured Right)

To my Haywood Street Family,

Let me begin by simply saying thank you. When I first began at Haywood in June of 2018, I was nervous and naïve, unsure about how I would adapt to a place that is built upon “Holy Chaos”. A year later, leaving Haywood was one of the most difficult moments I have ever experienced. Truly, it is my second home and the place outside of my immediate family that I have felt the most love and acceptance.

Every day at Haywood, whether reasonably calm or chaotic, was a blessing for me as Haywood challenged both me and my relationship with God more than I had ever imagined it would. I remember clearly on my second day of work at Haywood, on a Welcome Table day last June, Pastor Mark massaging and rubbing the feet of one of our friends from the community. He did it quietly, with no need for praise or recognition. It made me question my own faith and willingness to love others as I wondered if I would have been willing to follow his lead. I still remember thinking, “I want to love others like that.” To this day, that is still one of the most selfless acts of love and kindness I have ever seen, and yet, it was one of many I saw the wonderful staff at Haywood quietly do.

I was so blessed to work for and with both the full-time staff and companions at Haywood Street. While I hope I was a helpful and positive presence, I know that everyone at Haywood did far more for me than I can ever hope to repay. Thank you all for teaching me how to love unconditionally through your words and actions. Whether it was by watching Dave at the Welcome Table, Mark and Brian interacting with community members, Hannah organizing the companions, Steven and Wayne in the Mercy League, Chris and Steve cheerfully checking in with me, Laura and Leslie in the office, Michael, Ali, Joe, Mikey, Mary and others in respite, or Brook telling stories, I was blessed to have amazing individuals who both mentored me and loved me constantly. Through joy and tragedy, this group consistently came together as a family, and it is one I am honored to be a part of.

As I move forward this fall at Wake Forest, I will continually hold Haywood with me. By seeing a community of unflinching relationship and unfailing love, I believe that my own faith and sense of purpose has become stronger. I will look to spread the spirit of Haywood Street wherever I go, and I will always look forward to coming back home.

Thank you to everyone who made this year such an incredible growing experience for me. Haywood will always be a place that I call home and will keep in my heart. I truly love each and every one of you. Thank you and see you again soon!!!

 Adam Windham

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