We are so fortunate to have had the story of the Haywood Street Fresco captured on film, in photo and in written word. Click here to enjoy this wonderful Good Grit article, written by writer Amy Manikowski, with photos by John Warner. 
Hard copies available now at most Ingles and Barnes & Noble.
Thank you to Farm Burger who served up good ole family style spaghetti and lots of love at this week’s Welcome Table!
New ‘Faces & Stories’ is up on the site! More…

This is our proposed gardening schedule, beginning April 1st:
Sunday – 8 am-11 am
Tuesday – Lawn and flower care 9 am – 12 pm
Wednesday – 9 am – 12 pm 
Thursday – 9 am – 12 pm campus wide garden work

If you would like to get involved and receive garden-specific emails and updates, let Hannah know!


1. The blue clothing collection bin at Biltmore UMC has moved! It is now located at Sardis UMC, 897 Brevard Rd., Asheville 28806. * Also, just a reminder that the Haywood Street Clothing Closet does not currently have the capacity to collect children’s toys.

2. May 2020 offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a weekend of fantastic music, from bluegrass to broadway, in support of Haywood Street! Friday, May 8th, the Steep Canyon Rangers hometown show @ Salvage Station benefits the Downtown Welcome Table; Saturday, May 9th, Imagine….Reprise! supports Fresco programming. Tickets for both events are going fast, so get yours today!

New!! Beginning Saturday, March 7 — a time to rest and reflect, to step away from the business of life. An invitation to all, whether you’ve visited the fresco before or not.


1.  Meal prep and information sheet.     

2. Prepare a meal for Respite! Sign up here.

3. Room In The Inn is coming to Haywood Street! Contact Kate if you are interested in helping.


I am Pat Wallenborn. You may have seen me at Haywood Street on Wednesdays in my red striped apron serving at the Welcome Table.  I’m honored to be the new chair of the Staff Parish Relations Committee at Haywood Street.  When Brian asked me to chair this committee, he told me that I would be his boss!  Who would think that they could be Brian’s boss??  Well, I have been at Haywood Street long enough to know that ultimately Brian only has one boss and that is the carpenter born in Bethlehem who radically changed the world so many, many years ago so, I said yes.  

I have been a member of the Haywood Street congregation and a companion at the Welcome Table since the beginning days of the Welcome Table when we had a kitchen with teeny ovens, a home dishwasher and a serving line.  It was a miracle we didn’t burn the place down with that gas cook top!  I was recruited early on by Amy Gaston who at the time was driving the Central United Methodist church van downtown recruiting people with a smile and a ride to come join us for lunch on Wednesdays.   From the beginning, the presence of Jesus was palpable walking between us as we circled up for prayer, cooked in the kitchen, washed the dishes, prepped and served the food.  That presence is something that I believe we all crave.  I know that is what keeps me coming back. Seeing the presence of the Divine in all those faces on Wednesday gives me what I need, so it is really a very selfish thing I do by coming on Wednesdays.  

It is the powerful “relationship above all else” that keeps me there and makes me want to do whatever I can to help keep this powerful ministry vital.  By serving on the Staff Parish Relations Committee I hope that I can contribute by leading the committee in its mission of building strong positive relationships between staff and the congregation.  The Methodist Book of Discipline states that the relationship between staff and the congregation is to enable the congregation to “make disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.”  I see that the staff and congregation of Haywood Street Congregation are already transforming the world a meal, haircut, clothing closet visit, fresco viewing, respite stay at a time.  The goal of our committee this year is to continue to support all in this transforming work.