Over 450 friends fed at this week’s Downtown Welcome Table! The Welcome Table meals are currently being held outside and are run by a tiny team of staff and a few Companions — all trained in the required personal and public safety measures. Haywood Street is committed to the frontlines of food, love and grace, now and always!

A big shoutout to local artisan and seamstress, Emily Balcken, who has made a number of beautiful facemasks for our congregants, and to our faithful Companion, Kat, who stitched up a custom mask for Chef Dave!

This is The Steady Collective’s current schedule. As you can see, they are taking care of folks on Wednesdays at Haywood Street. In addition to what is listed here, they are operating every other Friday (Next day of operation will be Friday, April 3) at Pisgah View Apartments. They are operating regardless of Shelter in Place.

A reminder that this is a great time to explore the Haywood Street Fresco virtually! Our interactive kiosk is available via: visit.haywoostreetfresco.org (a great learning activity if you find yourself now homeschooling!)


Friends, Companions, and Supporters — Please take a moment to read this time-sensitive letter from the Haywood Street Staff. Then, click this link for a message from Haywood Street Banquet Steward, Dave Holland.

Another video message from Robert, live from the greenhouse!

We reget to announce that in order to be in accordance with CDC group size and social distancing requirements, Haywood Street will not be able to host 12-Step meetings at this time. Our friends at Sunrise Community are doing a great job at keeping the most up-to-date information regarding online Recovery Meetings and resources. More…


We are living in unprecedented times. We often hear that phrase spoken by media commentators, health experts, our politicians. But less often do we hear…feed, care for the poor, the vulnerable and homeless. Friends…hunger does not go away

I just read the thoughtful appeal Brook has published in this newsletter (under the announcements category) and it hits the mark on our mission, ministry and purpose in living. Help thy neighbor… and I add, in compassionate ways that demonstrate our concern for each other. 

The appeal states that many folks have called or sent messages to Haywood Street asking “how can I help”. It warms my heart to read this. It’s the kind of response I/we expect from a community that knows no boundary on who is my sister and brother. It’s a community that knows the value of what Haywood Street is all about. And it’s a community that knows how critical it is to keep our “out-door dining parking lot” open. We are here to feed the hungry, serving meals as often as we can, and to be in community with each other. 

It’s an awkward time. We feel isolated, we’re preoccupied about our health, and rightly so. We can follow the guidelines provided by wonderful health experts and make as much effort as we can to care for ourselves physically. These measures are necessary for the goodness and love of our family, friends, and community! What else is necessary is finding ways to express our emotional care, commitment and love for God’s work in action at Haywood Street. That need speaks out from our inner self/soul, Godliness. 

Sometimes, we feel our best efforts when we use our hands and feet to fulfill service at Haywood Street. Sometimes we provide our time, talent or artistic expression to demonstrate our need to serve. Sometimes we are able to donate a few dollars or more to the ministries we love at Haywood Street. All of these expressions are important to giving. And, at this unprecedented time, I would emphasize that our financial giving becomes ever more important. It also answers the question, “what can I do”? Now more than ever, we can throw a lifeline to Haywood Street to make sure the work-in-ministry we love stays afloat and weathers the storm we’re in for the near future. 

Let’s encourage each other by calling our friends often on the phone or sending a text message, email. Form chat groups, post on Facebook … “I’m thinking of you!” What we can do is tell our family, neighbors, friends, acquaintances what is happening at Haywood Street, serving 3-4 meals each week in our community, in spite of social distancing measures and mitigating the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. And, don’t forget to ask them to donate as generously as they can.

What we can do is make sure our support helps Haywood Street weather the funding storm we’re in now. Let’s continue being the bright beacon of hope for all that need to be fed in our community of Asheville.

And most of all, what we can do is pray…because for many in our community…….hunger does not go away! 

Louisa Combs, FUNdraising Chairperson