Know an arborist or tree company? The Haywood Street garden could use some wood chips! Reach out to Robert or Hannah to coordinate a drop-off.

The Haywood Street clothing closet is now requesting warm weather clothing. All donations may be dropped off on Tuesdays from 10 am-12 pm.


1. Recovery meetings

2. Sign up to provide a meal for Respite meal here!

3. Fresco viewing hours are now Sundays 11:00-2:00 and Mondays-Thursdays 10:00-2:00. Contact April if you’d like to make a reservation for a different time.

4. New job opening at Haywood Street Respite: Hospitality Coordinator, weekdays 3-8. More…



New and returning Companions: please click HERE to register for one of our orientation events! During each orientation, we will walk through our current ministry opportunities and take time to share the mission, theology and values of being a companion with Haywood Street Congregation. A portion of the orientation will be indoors. Please wear a mask throughout the duration of the event.


Someone once asked me “What is your theme song?” My first thought was I don’t have one. Then I realized there is a song that guides my actions.

We are Called by David Haas lifts voices in an inspirational refrain.

We are called to act with justice
We are called to love tenderly
We are called to serve one another
To walk humbly with God.

These words led me into a career with a variety of nonprofits. In my two decades in the nonprofit field, I have worked for organizations that made providing education, sharing art and history, and conserving nature their mission.

When the director of development position for Haywood Street Congregation was posted, my attention was immediately captured, yet I was hesitant. I knew of HSC and their good work. The thought of being part of an organization that truly fulfills the words to the song I so try to live was more than compelling. But, could I walk the walk with such abundance of grace that is HSC?

While I have decades of experience fundraising for worthwhile organizations, Haywood Street is unique. Companions, Friends, and Staff alike, speak with respect and gratitude for the goodness of HSC. The Welcome Table is more than just tasty and healthy food. It is a place where perspectives can be expanded and understanding can start. Haywood Street’s vision goes beyond helping today to creating a community that removes barriers between all people.

“We’ll walk with each other as sisters and brothers united in love.” is the last verse line of We Are Called. And, it seems to me to be the path Haywood Street Congregation is following. It’s not always an easy journey, but it is a worthy one.

For days, thoughts of Haywood Street kept coming back to me. Something was drawing me to this place. It took a few conversations with Laura, Pastor Brian, and others in the community before I could no longer deny the call I was hearing.

I thank you for asking me to join the journey. I am here to serve and grateful to be among this community. I pray that my service can do justice to the wonder that is Haywood Street Congregation.

I look forward to breaking bread with you.