Letters of endorsement for Haywood Street’s proposal for deeply affordable housing are rolling in and we are grateful for these declarations of community support. More…


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My name is Halston Fisher. I am currently the overnight hospitality coordinator for Haywood Street Respite. My relationship with the congregation is fairly recent, as I have been a resident of Haywood Street Respite myself not that long ago. Having been a friend here, and experiencing the way that I was treated and cared for by staff within Respite (as well as any companion, pastor, or anyone who fellowships with Haywood Street Congregation) inspired me and made me feel safe. Staying at Respite gave me an opportunity to rest and time to figure out the next phase in transitioning to where I am today. I, like a lot of our friends who I personally have heard witness to, have lived a life lost in addiction to drugs and a lifestyle of decision making that led me to places in life that I knew I didn’t belong. I also knew I didn’t want to suffer even worse consequences for my actions. What Haywood Street, and everyone that serves at Haywood Street, gave me was love, encouragement, empathy, inspiration, and the best thing — the opportunity to give myself the very things that they were sowing into me. For that reason, I come to Haywood and give freely what was given to me with more HOPE and FAITH that with God’s guidance I’m helping others. I feel very passionate about what I am doing at Haywood today. My ears and eyes are tuned to listening and seeing in ways that I can be of service and to learn how my every interaction is not just helping one person, but rather is helping us all.

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