Blue Dream Curry is at it again — serving up incredible cuisine and supporting The Welcome Table while they do it. Come out and Curry for a Cause: Saturday, January 25, 12 PM – 10 PM. 10% of all proceeds for the day will support the core programs of Haywood Street.

Our gratitude goes out to High Five Coffee! Inspired by Nancy, a Haywood Street friend and Companion, and her story of homelessness, High Five hosted a December drive whereby their patrons donated beauty products, accessories, warm weather items and over $200 in support of Haywood Street core programs.

Additionally, over the course of 2019, High Five Owner, Jay Weatherly, coordinated the collection and donation of over 450 pounds of coffee from local roasters and vendors to The Welcome Table and Haywood Street Respite. TheWelcome Table Coffee Collective not only relieves the Haywood Street budget of thousands of dollars worth of annual coffee purchases, it ensures that everyone had access to a high quality cup o’ joe … that everyone feels nourished and cared for in the simplest of ways.


1. For the month of January, Ultimate Ice Cream has dedicated proceeds from all Vanilla Ice Cream sales to benefit Haywood Street. Grab your scoop today!

2. A reminder that donations to the clothing closet can be made on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM – 12 PM. Please drive around to the back alley and enter through the white door. If donating any other day or time, please utilize one of our two blue donation bins which are located offsite at:

  • Biltmore United Methodist Church, 376 Hendersonville Rd. 28803
  • Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, 789 Merrimon Ave. 28804 — between 8 am and 3 pm

May 2020 offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a weekend of fantastic music, from bluegrass to broadway, in support of Haywood Street! Friday, May 8th, the Steep Canyon Rangers hometown show @ Salvage Station benefits the Downtown Welcome Table; Saturday, May 9th, Imagine….Reprise! supports Fresco programming. Ticketing for both events available now!

Click here for Streep Canyon Rangers 
Click here for Imagine…Reprise!


1. Meal prep and information sheet.

2. Prepare a meal for Respite! Sign up here.


In true Haywood Street fashion, I was invited to chair the HSC 2020 Board of Directors during a passing conversation in the middle of the church’s chaotic parking lot. (The focus is not on titles and formalities around here after all.) And in my typical fashion, when it comes to all things Haywood Street, I said “Yes!”…  and then came home to Google what I’d just agreed to do, exactly. One especially thorough article suggested a few things I should think about and share with the staff. I attended my first HSC staff meeting earlier this week and did just that… 

Identify your talents and strengths…

My strength comes from the courage given to me by God. I believe it’s from God because it makes no real sense and doesn’t match at all what is often going on on the inside. I will step up, fight for who and what I love and for anyone being mistreated… and I’ll try to keep my profanity to a minimum. I will work hard and will tell the Haywood Street story the best I can, wherever I go. I love to brainstorm, I try to function from a “Yes, and…” mindset ,and I generally err on the side of TMI.

Know your weaknesses and share them transparently…

My weaknesses include, thinking I should be able to do everything myself. Feeling safer doing things by and for myself… My work will be giving myself the time to consciously allow and trust someone to help me. To disavow the voice that says ‘you’re a bother.’ I never hear it when I’m here.

Share why you joined the board to begin with. Reflect on your personal purpose and how it aligns with your role as board chair.

Though I was nervous to see how the sausage was made, I joined the board 2 years ago because I wanted to learn more, and hopefully then know how to help more. The deeper I peeked behind the curtain, the more I wanted to be all in.
I feel my purpose is to be the hub in the middle of the many spokes of Haywood Street. Like on a wheel, but I also envision it like an airport… our programs and people are out – like planes – in every direction. They return to the hub to (likely grab a snack) disseminate information, and often deliver people who want to learn more, or do more, or need more support. With an air traffic controller’s view, my goal is to be able to direct, point, escort (at whichever level someone is flying at the time) towards the engine going in a direction they need, so they can hop on board – be carried or help carry someone else along their journey – and keep the Haywood Street machine rolling, baggage and all! 
It does not assume I know what everyone is or should be doing, or that I’m the Grand Poohbah making grand decisions, it just paints a picture of what I’d like to be able to offer. 

Think about your legacy. What do you hope for in your tenure…
I look forward to getting to know each of you better. Like Haywood Street as a whole, my truest mission is to keep relationship above all else.  And I really hope not to **** this up!

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