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3. We are now accepting clothing closet donations 10-12 on BOTH Tuesdays and Thursdays.

4. Outdoor Bible study with Pastor Jody: Sundays @ 11:15

5. Haywood Street’s Community Residency program is designed to equip mission-minded individuals for effective and transformative ministry WITH the poor. Learn more about this position and apply here!


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3. Urgent need: someone who is able to help with linen exchange between Respite and Mission Hospital on Thursdays.


With my whole heart, i have always called the people i have met her in Asheville, “my people”, “my Ashevillians”. With that, my love of God and the beauty i see that the earth provides in nature, i have nothing but faith that it is God that has placed the cards in my hands and asked me to hold and use them. All i ever wanted to do was help others. My dad said, “Elvia, you were always giving your ice cream money away. I would give you extra and you would still have none.”

When i thought i figured out what i wanted to do for God, he changed my cards. That stuff was easy. He made my work harder. In retrospect, all the work God had given me, which was now behind me, has been preparing me for these days, this day. When i am out speaking to my Friends, i value their time and their words. My outreach comes with only payment from God and their happiness means everything to me.

That is why God sent me and had me drawing these mountains before i ever saw them; since i was 7 years old. It is why i am there for our Friends and wish to be always. i don’t need anyone to see me cling to it, not even God. Helping others achieve their dreams brings me joy. Healing others fills my heart. i am not perfect. i have problems. i also want the Haywood Street community to know they do so much for me too. Even when others are in pain, they take time out to acknowledge me. i, as my face wells with tears, love you and i am praying for all of us more than you’ll ever know.

With that, thank you Haywood Street Congregation for having faith in me and believing that i can assist in the birth of unicorns.

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