– Wednesday, Nov 13th from 12:30 – 1:30 — blessing and celebration of the Haywood Street Fresco 

– Thursday, Nov 14th from 5 pm – 7 pm — open house and celebration of the Haywood Street Fresco

* To allow friends and companions to attend the November 13 celebration, the Welcome Table meal will start and end one sitting early. Sittings on the November 13 will be at: 9:45, 10:30, 11:15 and 12:00.
On both Sunday and Wednesday, we were gifted with the guidance of our dear friend, Robert. Robert’s sermon helped us wrestle with the teachings of Genesis 32 and had us answering the question, “Why does God choose to wrestle with us?” 
Our deepest gratitude goes out to Red Radish for preparing the yummy Sunday breakfast and Bouchon and RendezVous for the delicious comfort meal on Wednesday.


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Haywood Street Respite offers our friends who are staying with us a home cooked meal every night. It is a wonderful experience for our friends. We believe community happens around the table. When you are living on the street, you spend a lot of time finding food. Most of the time it is not a home cooked meal. You don’t have choice as to what to eat or how much. Meals at Respite are provided through a Meal Train that companions sign up for. We have 8 friends that stay with us and 3 or 4 staff that share a meal, so we ask for enough food for at least 12 people. People who bring the meals are invited to stay and eat with us. Relationships happen around the table. We asks that the meals include a protein and a starch. Salads and bread is always good to include. Desserts are nice but not necessary. So many of our friends have diabetes and we worry about their blood sugar when there are too many sweets around. It means so much to your friends to get the wonderful meals that companions provide. It is a big part of the way we show love and caring to friends that are struggling with a illness. 

And in the words of a couple of folks who have prepared meals for Respite:

“Preparing Respite meals was a great way for me to get more involved at Haywood Street.  Sometimes I was able to deliver a meal and enjoy eating with our friends but sometimes (due to my work schedule) I was able to prepare food to drop off to be cooked.  I’ve met many wonderful friends and companions sharing a meal around the Respite table!”

– Kerri

“After discovering that Holy Chaos on Wednesdays was just too much for us, my husband and I  found cooking for the Respite folks at Haywood much more our speed! We have been cooking for them since January this year and find it’s a perfect fit. It’s peaceful and sharing a meal with new friends each visit is very fulfilling. The residents are ALWAYS respectful and appreciative of our efforts. A comment from a recent guest sums things up nicely. He said, “When you’re on the street you feel like you’re invisible and no one cares, but having someone cook and eat with us feels really good.”

– Melissa

You can always look for the updated MealTrain link in this weekly newsletter. Reach out if you have any questions and thank you for considering showing and sharing love through food!

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