This week, Bouchon brought love in the form of warm Shepard’s Pie and
a chocolate mousse we’re still talking about! Thank you to all the hands
and hearts who prepared and served this meal.
Haywood Street Story Circle founder and much loved friend, Barbara Bates
Smith, visited us on Wednesday. She reported that all is well from her new
perch in Washington DC, but “There’s just no place like Haywood.”
We are so grateful to have partnered with Amplified Media. They have
created a number of videos that so beautifully demonstrate the heart
of Haywood Street. Follow this link to hear Dianne and Robert talk about
Respite and community.


1. Click HERE for UPDATED Haywood Street Congregation parking options.

2. The clothing closet is in need of all clothing items. Ideal dropoff times are Tuesdays 10-12 and Sundays 2-4.

3. Wayne is collecting blankets for the unhoused. Drop off anytime at Haywood Street Respite.

4. New employment opportunity! Follow this link for more information.

Make a gift to Haywood St.


Thank God for interruptions.

The plumbing emergency that shut down our kitchen in September was very disruptive.  We had to change up our usual flow and pull out the paper plates to enable meal service on Wednesdays and Sundays to continue.

Seven meals without a kitchen to cook in. There were a thousand questions and new decisions to make, like:  When Corner Kitchen brings box lunches should the cookies be individually wrapped or served on platters? How many grills do you need to cook 500 hamburgers in three hours? What pizza toppings does everybody like?

There were highs and there were lows.

For me personally, the best thing about it was the extra time I spent lingering by the back door and around the picnic tables. I spent several hours out there each week talking to folks about the plumbing problems and the meal plan for that day.  I got to know people I’ve seen for years at Haywood Street but only ever exchanged hellos with. While waiting for lunch we chatted about favorite foods, hometowns, pets, hurricanes, trips to the beach, you name it. We laughed and talked and enjoyed each others’ company.

On the first week the plumbing was out, several people told me they heard our kitchen was torn apart but came anyway for social reasons; to catch up with friends.

The plumbing problems completely disrupted our schedule and plans but they were also a source of unexpected joy. They fostered the deepening of community that we all crave; and enabled us to form new relationships. We now have six food truck vendors participating with the Chefs@Downtown Welcome Table coalition. How cool is that?

Thank God for interruptions. Help us to be open to the opportunities and new life they contain. Amen.




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