We are thrilled to announce registration is open for our first “At Home With Miss Mary’s Meatloaf” fundraiser!!

Read all about this unique event and reserve your meal today!


Men’s underwear, pants & Falling clothing are our current #1 needs!

It’s official!! We’re a charter member of Little Free Library! Our gratitude goes out to Amy Manikowski and all the helping hands who made this magic happen. Please donate, take, and share!

Big thanks to the folks from Christ School and Hayesville UMC who helped beautify the Haywood Street campus this week!


1. Parking options

2. Worship: Wednesdays at 12:30 beneath the big white tent & streaming on our Facebook page.


1. Sign up to provide a meal for Respite here

2. Robert is seeking donations of red mulch for campus landscaping. Fifty bags needed.


Holy Chaos. Abundant Grace. Welcome Table. These are three phrases that ring true and create the community that is Haywood Street. I moved back to Asheville three months ago and quickly learned that moving during a pandemic is lonely. I found myself constantly craving community and camaraderie… Which is exactly what I found when I stepped foot on the Haywood Street campus last Wednesday morning.

I was greeted outside by Brook, Haywood Street’s Lead Storyteller, under the tents that are set up in front of the church. It is here that Friends are able to pick up lunch and relax before a noontime service. Brook introduced me to several smiling faces, everyone happily introduced themselves and continued to carry on while Brook showed me more of campus. Our first stop was the community garden. The garden is a place where Friends and Companions come together to grow food and flowers… I was blown away. All of campus was in full bloom. Brook explained that the beauty of the space, like much of campus, is that it is a place where unique friendships and connections are formed.

We then visited God’s Outfitters, the campus clothing closet and a space that I have since come to love. Here, folks come to pick up anything that they may be needing. Friends often leave happy, some even in tears as they are able to change into clean clothes and rest while waiting for lunch. Brook then showed me more resources that campus had to offer: The Steady Collective comes weekly for a needle exchange, Haywood Street Respite is a space for Friends to rest while they recover from surgery or illness. Walking around campus was incredible, there is something so special about seeing people smile after being fed, clothed, given water, and affirmation.

So, for community members who are wondering, Haywood Street is such a special space to be. Come on by and join folks from all walks of life as we sit, enjoy music, laugh, and share good food.

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