This week, East Fork Pottery employees donated their anniversary gift to Haywood Street Respite — beautiful, hand-made dishes to make every meal feel extra special.

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1. Employment Opportunity! Click here to learn more about the position of Respite Program Manager.

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3. SAVE THE DATE! David Troy Francis, devoted supporter of the Haywood Street Fresco, has an upcoming concert and all are welcomed to tune in! “The music will be sacred and classical works of grace and mercy. The concert is designed to be a welcome respite from these challenging and stressful times offering one hour of peace, joy and beauty.” RSVP: pianoman9000@me.com


1. Make a meal for Friends staying in Respite. Click here to sign up!



It’s happening! That dream I put out over a year ago to the Haywood St. leadership of changing my role from Associate Pastor to Pastoral Counselor is taking shape.  I now have the letters behind my name and the organizational backing to make it legit. Members of our community are slowly starting to show up to my tent. That’s right, my tent.  Sounds kind of biblical, and hopefully it is.  While Central United Methodist generously offered me office space for this counseling endeavor, COVID, of course, put a dent in those plans.  Meeting with each other in the same room for an hour at a time is not safe.  So, I found a pop-up tent and Central said I could put it up in their prayer garden.  I get to sit with folks under what are arguably the most beautiful trees in Asheville. Not sure what will happen when the cold arrives, but as it is with all journeys of faith, one breath, one step at a time.

This work of offering low-barrier/low-threshold counseling support to the Haywood St. community and beyond is made possible by CareNet, a statewide counseling network that is a part of the Wake Baptist Health system in Winston-Salem. Like me, they recognize the need for spiritually integrated therapy to be available for anybody who wants it, regardless of insurance and income.  I’m grateful for their vision and their willingness to include me in it. One of CareNet’s core values and beliefs is “Healing happens in relationships.”  Sound familiar?  It’s no wonder that Haywood St. and CareNet recognize each other as worthy partners. I feel honored to offer space for this kind of healing amidst the many forms of “healing in relationship” that are happening all the time at Haywood St.

And finally, a word of deep thanks to the Haywood St. community that met my curious longing with a resounding “YES”.  It’s powerful to be a part of a community that blesses and encourages what feels like leadings of the Spirit even though this brings with it the discomfort of change and frankly, more work.  Grateful to you all for helping me embody this next season of my ministry.