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Nicolas Herman lived during the 17th century and spent over 40 years as a cook in a monastery.  He became known as Brother Lawrence and he cooked, he served, he shopped, he washed dishes and he scrubbed floors.  But whatever he did, he said we can always “Practice the Presence of God”.  The Haywood Street Welcome Table is a perfect opportunity for folks to do just that – “practice the presence of God”.  There are so many “stations” where volunteers become “companions” and we all work together to show God’s love whether shopping for food, preparing the meal, serving our guests, welcoming our guests (in the outer room), or cleaning up in the dish room.

For three years Kathy and I have had the honor and privilege to be a part of the team as we worked in the dish room.  Although the work is very hard it is rewarding to do our part in making the Welcome Table work…but now we must step aside as other obligations take up more of our time.  We wish everyone well at Haywood St. and will continue to keep you in our prayers.  We leave with a warmth in our hearts for serving our sisters and brothers in life and only hope that we were able to bring a little joy and love to the dish room.

May God continue to bless this ministry!  Peace and love to all.

– Jim & Kathy

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