Wednesday we were gifted with a delicious Moroccan-inspired meal by
Green Sage Cafe. We give thanks for this grace through food!


Above is a list of current Haywood Street Respite needs. Feel free to
make donations as/when you’re able. Thank you!


1. Click HERE for UPDATED Haywood Street Congregation parking options.

2. Click HERE for Haywood Street employment opportunities.

3. Haywood Street has a land purchase opportunity. Click HERE to learn more.

4. The Steady Collective will now operate from their Haywood Street location on Tuesdays from 10am-1pm and Wednesdays from 12pm-3pm

5. Join us Monday evening for a community forum regarding the Haywood Street Fresco. Learn more.

Make a gift to Haywood St.


Ask & You Shall Receive: Building God’s Garden

John 16:24; Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask and you will receive and your joy will be complete.

Today, Robert has one thing on his mind: flowers. Specifically, Haywood Street flowers–the ones that adorn the entrance and side of the Sanctuary.

Going on three years ago, Robert started noticing that while donations of edible plants were going into the vegetable garden, the live flowers were continually being thrown out. “I got tired of seeing that so I decided to take it on myself to get those flowers in the ground.” Soon enough, Robert had his first group of helpers — members of the Appalachian State Wesley Foundation. Since then, working alongside Robert has become a favorite community building activity for those visiting Haywood Street. He guesses around 200 people have put time into the garden.

What amazes Robert most about this project is how everything he has needed, has been provided. He has prayed for bags of soil and bags of soil showed up. He has asked the Finance Committee for support at the exact moment they had funds available for the garden’s needs. Donations and helping hands have divine timing when it comes to this garden.

Robert envisions the continued growth of the flower garden and takes great faith in knowing he’ll have what he needs, when he needs it. “I guess I’ve come to realize, if you put God first, and you ask within reason, you shall receive.”

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