This past Sunday, Robert and Maureen visited Long’s Methodist Church in Canton. They shared their personal stories as well as what makes Haywood Street such a unique and sacred place.
The softball season has ended, but boy was it a success! Thanks to all who organized, played and cheered.


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If you’ve ever been to Haywood Street you’ve likely met, heard, or heard about Sharon Woody.  Sharon has been a part of the Haywood Street Congregation for more than five years.  She first came after meeting someone from Central United Methodist who told her about what was going on.  Sharon says, “God showed me a vision.  I asked Jesus, ‘I want to help people; where can I go?  Show me your light Lord!’”  Haywood Street was part of that vision.

Sharon felt called to join our congregation and play her part in sharing the light and love after she came and witnessed how folks were welcomed.  “I liked that they didn’t turn anyone away.  They’re people for people.  It’s not about the money; it’s about the love, the caring, the sharing.  It’s God’s abounding love.  It’s like a family; it is a family.  We’re all one, children of God.”

A lifelong resident of Asheville, Sharon is well known all over town; It seems she’s never met a stranger.  She is always lifting folks up and singing wherever she goes.  Music is one form her ministry takes. She says, “I work in the spirit with the songs I sing.

Sharon enjoys the food and the fellowship, along with the music and the garden.  You can always find her rolling around campus, and it seems the only time you ever see her still is when she is sharing with someone.  Her sincerity and open heartedness is immediately apparent to anyone who meets her.  Haywood Street holds a special place in Sharon’s heart, “It’s helped me with my struggles, my hurting, and it’s brought me closer to Christ.”

Sharon wants everyone who comes to Haywood Street to know, “If you need prayer, or want to share a word or two, call on me.  You can cry on my shoulder.  If you are lonely, or before you take a wrong step, come to me.  God loves you, don’t forget that.  Tell ’em I love em, and remember to keep Jesus in your hearts and souls.”  With a heart as big as the mountains, and a smile as bright as the sun Sharon holds a special space in our community.

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