The annual Holiday Parade was a success and Haywood Street was well
represented. So many smiles, so much candy!
The Haywood Street Thanksgiving feast was a feast indeed. Thanks to
all the hands who prepared and served this special meal. Click on the
photo above to read the latest Citizen-Times’ article to feature the
Downtown Welcome Table.


1. Click HERE for UPDATED Haywood Street Congregation parking options.

2. The new Haywood Street t-shirts are now available for purchase online!

3. Companion Brunch and Holiday Party will be held on Thursday, November 30 at 10:00.

4. The Haywood Street 2017 Annual Report is now available for your viewing. Thank you to all who have allowed us to live out and into this year’s theme: Growing & Sharing. Click here for full report.

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The holidays can surely feel like a time when a magnifying glass gets placed over all of a person’s troubles. The divisions in divided families can feel wider. The contrast between an unhoused man’s can of out-dated soup and a family’s extravagant Thanksgiving meal gets drawn into sharp focus.

But this heightened sense of desperation seems to travel with its own antidote. In comes darkness and depression, in comes mystery and miracle. Eric, a man deemed ‘not able to be rehabilitated’ by the correctional system, stands before us in Worship and gifts us with his compelling testimony. Derek announces his new home–and how Homeward Bound called him in his greatest moment of giving up.

For those of us who will spend time this holiday season at Haywood Street, we will surely encounter the heightened grief and the backpacks of burdens that feel a few pounds heavier than usual. But look for the antidotes, the equally weighty prayers that get answered, the unexplainable grace that comes dragging along, the perfectly tangled mess of miracles that get offered up for the taking.

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