The Haywood Street kitchen repairs are nearly complete! Wednesday’s meal was an incredible collaboration of volunteer efforts, donations and delicious pizza provided by Marco’s Pizzeria, Pizza Mind, Mellow Mushroom, Pomodoro’s, and Del Vecchios. The past few weeks have required extra patience, faith, and flexibiltiy and we give our sincere gratitude to all who have helped maintain the grace and abundance of the Downtown Welcome Tableduring this time.



We’re excited to announce two new weekly deliveries to Haywood Street Respite–fresh eggs from a local farm and local milk from Farm to Home. Good nutrition for good healing!


1. Click HERE for Haywood Street Congregation parking options.

2. If you are able, please join friends from Covenant Community Church who are choosing to put their “Faith in Action” at Haywood Street this Sunday morning. We’ll be spreading mulch, weeding and cleaning up the back garden area between 9-12.

3. Haywood Street has a current employment opportunity. Click here for details and help us spread the word!

4. Mark you calenders! On the evening of Monday, October 16, Emily and Pastor Mark will lead a Companion Reflection at Haywood Street. Dinner provided. Stay tuned for exact time and details.

5. Stay Thirsty, Sermon by Rev. Brian Combs, 9/25/17

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It was a Wednesday at Haywood Street at the Welcome Table– where we always have our flowing HOLY CHAOS going on.  I was in the flow too, being a Companion (volunteer) serving food at my upstairs table of 7.  After the second seating, I decided to sit and listen to who ever was still eating at my table.   We had shared names earlier at the table which seems to make it easier for people to get talking. This gentleman, who I’ll call Dave, told me the most amazing story on how Dianne (one of Haywood Street’s Companions) got him a job on the spot that day with Vinnie’s Restaurant who was our host restaurant that Wednesday.  Dianne, being a greeter at the door, asked this friend,  (a recipient of our bounty of food), “WHAT DO YOU NEED RIGHT NOW?” His response was, “A JOB!” Dianne put him and a Vinnie’s employee, or perhaps it was the owner, together in the kitchen dish room area to talk. Dave got the job on the spot and was able to start the next day!  As he was telling me the story, he kept pointing to Dianne in such a loving, grateful way. He looked and sounded so happy, knowing that someone cared about him. He felt the love. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about that day of connection and what a loving, helpful, gentle spirit Dianne is.

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