One Word from Jerry


Jerry is a little bit of everything at Haywood Street. He is mechanic, construction worker, painter, and Welcome Table floater. With a warm center wrapped in a rough exterior, Jerry is a beloved part of Haywood Street. Those familiar with his playful (and snide!) sense of humor won’t be surprised that his initial response to the One Word Campaign was “headache!” Here’s why Jerry’s true word is “die-hard,” though:

“Think about it–we don’t stop. We just keep going.”









During this season of giving the one word we keep coming back to is GRATITUDE. Gratitude for the many donors, supporters, companions and friends who make Haywood Street the wonderful community that it is. In that spirit, we asked folks around Haywood Street what ONE WORD they think of when they think of this community? Do you have a ONE WORD you’d like to share? If so, send us a note to