One Word Campaign

During this season of giving the one word we keep coming back to is GRATITUDE. Gratitude for the many donors, supporters, companions and friends who make Haywood Street the wonderful community that it is. In that spirit, we asked folks around Haywood Street what ONE WORD they think of when they think of this community. Do you have a ONE WORD you’d like to share? If so, send us a note to


Day 7: Tim


Full of wisdom, care, and a willingness to connect, Tim is a dear friend around Haywood Street. Most recently a resident in Haywood Street Respite, Tim has first hand experience with how Haywood Street can be a healing place in the Homeless Corridor of Asheville. Why a “blessing?” This is Tim’s response:

“[Haywood Street] changed my life and gave me a new way of thinking. It gave me direction.”

Day 6: Jerry

Jerry is a little bit of everything at Haywood Street. He is mechanic, construction worker, painter, and Welcome Table floater. With a warm center wrapped in a rough exterior, Jerry is a beloved part of Haywood Street. Those familiar with his playful (and snide!) sense of humor won’t be surprised that his initial response to the One Word Campaign was “headache!” Here’s why Jerry’s true word is “die-hard,” though:

“Think about it–we don’t stop. We just keep going.”

Day 5: Roberta


Roberta is one of our Fresco hosts. On Monday mornings, she can be found in the sanctuary, talking with friends escaping the cold or telling guests about the significance of the Fresco. Here’s why Roberta chose “peace:”

“I keep coming here for the peace that I feel in the sanctuary and for the holy chaos. That’s what being in here with the fresco is like. Tourists sometimes look at it and ask where Jesus is. The first time I was asked the question it shocked me because it’s so clear to me! I just said, ‘Jesus is in every inch of it.”


Day 4: Steve


Steve is a companion at the Downtown Welcome Table. He shows up every Wednesday with a smile and an eagerness to to be present with our friends. When asked why he chose “helpful” to describe Haywood Street, he replied,

“We’re helpful to strangers. That’s what Jesus did–he helped people he didn’t know.”





Day 3: Laura


Laura is a well known face around Haywood Street! She is a frequent diner at the Welcome Table and a precious presence whenever she is on the holy grounds of Haywood Street. Laura explains why she chooses her one word:

“There’s joyful conversation and connection. That’s why I like coming here.”







Day 2: Ed


Ed and his companion dog, Hope, are close friends of Haywood Street. Because he is currently recovering from health related issues in the Respite, we have had a chance to build an even closer relationship with Ed. After sharing his one word, this was his explanation:

“This is a safe place for us, and God makes sure that whatever happens here is good.”

Day 1: Pamela:


Pamela is a companion, friend, and a board member for Haywood Street Community Development. Having been in the place a lot of our friends find themselves in now, Pamela offers a face of hope and resilience around Haywood Street. Here’s Pamela’s reason for using “support” to describe Haywood Street:

“When I was homeless, Haywood Street helped me to bring myself back up. They supported me when I needed it the most.” ~ Pamela





Thank you all for your gifts, support, and participation in the mission and ministries here at Haywood Street Congregation. To further support our ministries, please make a contribution here.