Maggie’s 15-minutes in Story Circle were only the introduction to the much bigger story of 16 years living on a sailboat, sailing global seas. We were on the edges of our sMarvMMaggieeats.  Thank goodness Marsha took notes!

OK. It’s 1985. Maggie and husband Charles decide to leave New York City behind (except for the 13-year-old cat, but that’s another story), chuck the whole deal, and go buy an old wooden sailboat they’d heard about in the Virgin Islands. Get this: they didn’t know how to swim, much less sail a boat! (How on earth did Maggie, a trained nurse, get a job teaching snorkeling while they were learning to sail?)

Others were astounded, too. Maggie shared a Caribbean Boating newspaper feature,”Two Novices Take the Plunge” (understatement), and a book Charles had written, “Financial Freedom Afloat.”

And, well, Story Circle time was up just as they are ready to set sail– across oceans, mind you, on the high (as well as surrounding) seas. Stay tuned. We in the Story Circle know we are “on to something” with this story of Maggie’s. We’re pretty determined to have it continued, and to share it more widely.