Please take a moment to enjoy the video below. Note the layout of our kitchen, serving style, seating arrangements, joy and Holy Chaos of our community meals. If you’re interested in becoming a Downtown Welcome Table partner, keep reading.


Chefs at Welcome Table Lunch Form

Find a complete list of FAQ regarding our restaurant partnership program here.

We recognize that this is a big undertaking. Some restaurants ‘team up’ to share the joyful weight of producing such a large-scale meal.

If the Welcome Table meal is not the right fit for your team, please note these additional opportunities to love on the community through food at Haywood Street.

Prepare a meal for Haywood Street Respite:

Haywood Street Respite is a safe place for unhoused Friends to rest and recover from acute illness or injury on a short-term basis. Every evening, dinner is shared ‘family-style’ around the kitchen table. The nightly meal should be delivered between around 5 pm. Please bring enough for 15 people. Click here to sign up to bring dinner for Respite.

Provide a culinary ingredient or service:

In every way possible, the Downtown Welcome Table aims to shine light on the inherent worth of everyone who walks through the doors. Fresh ingredients are lovingly prepared and beautifully presented. Flowers adorn each table and silverware is rolled in cloth napkins. We believe using products of high quality extends the notion that people have worth and so we partner with ethical companies that emphasize fresh and local, or artisan-made. A shining example of this is The Welcome Table Coffee Collective a group of local roasters who donate fair-trade, locally roasted coffee beans on a monthly basis.

If you have a culinary product or service that you are interested in providing, either by donation or at cost, we would love to hear from you!

For more information, please contact Laura at

“Every single person, from every walk of life, has a seat at the table.”

– Elizabeth Button, co-founder, Katie Button Restaurants

“In a world that goes out of its way to undignify the experience of poverty, we’re trying to do the opposite.”

– Brian Combs, Founding Pastor, Haywood Street Congregation

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