My name is David Griffin. This is just a little of my story; I am a Grateful Recovering Alcoholic! I had been sober four months when I relapsed. I was only out for a month and so I checked myself right back into ADACT to get education about myself to understand what had caused me to relapse.

While in ADACT I developed what I thought was a stomach problem. I was taken to Mission Hospital and found out that it was my gall bladder and that it needed to be taken out. I asked if they could put a ‘band-aid’ on it so that I could finish my program at ADACT. Well, it seems as though my plan didn’t work out. Two weeks after it flared up again; this time it was much worse.

I was back at Mission Hospital for treatment and while there I learned of Respite. I was worried about a bed to stay in because ADACT does not allow you there if you are on pain medication. A gentleman came into my hospital room and I told him my dilemma. He responded, “I think we can help you with that.”

Two days later I was discharged and this kind, concerned and compassionate lady, Mrs. Jody Halstead, was there to pick me up. Once I was at The Respite, the people recovering there, the staff and the volunteers (Companions, as we call them) were very, very nice and helpful. Dave Holland, the chef from The Downtown Welcome Table, gave us very good, hot meals. The Respite provided me with a clean bed, hot showers, and help with my recovery. In the mornings we were welcome at a Devotion (if you chose to attend), which I found very eye-opening and uplifting.

I am so grateful and blessed that the Lord brought me to this recovery community!

With that being said, The Haywood Street Respite has been a Godsend to me and many others. The world could use more of this kind of program!

Thank You Respite, staff and volunteers

May God bless you all!!!

David Griffin (signature)