It’s a rainy day and we’re all feeling grateful to take refuge within the walls of Haywood Street. Rusty has found a good spot in a rocking chair and is enjoying a hot cup of coffee as we all wait  for the first seating to begin.

I think weather like this makes the stories come out easier. Rusty tells me about two marriages and four kids. He tells me about living on the streets since 2001. He tells me about prison, six months of it and how sometimes God puts all these tough folk around you so that you can learn to love them. He tells me that you have to let the things you love go and see what comes back. I wait to hear the part of his story where it all comes back, but either it hasn’t yet or that’s the part of the story he’s keeping for himself.

Love the ones that are hard to love. Let go of what needs to fly. Two good reminders on a soggy, September day.