The garden truly is a work in progress.  Colin Yount, a member of Central, built benches for the reflection circle, and Brian Li is working on an arbor for the area at the base of the steps for his Eagle Scout project.

During the first week of August, youth from Camp Connect (a mission camp led by Jessica Tripp) created prayer flags which have gone up on the painted posts. In association with that camp Christopher Holt, a local artist, just last week guided the kids in painting a mural interpreting the Parable of the Feeding of the 5000 on the back of the prayer wall. This concludes Jessica’s work in creating the Prayer Path at Haywood.  Jessica added, “Hunter Stubbs donated a huge amount of time and resources to this work. It never would have been completed without his leadership.”

D7K_4097a72_Garden_062914 D7K_4098a72_PeacePole&Grapes_062914 D7K_4103a72_Flowers_062914 D7K_4104a72_RockWalkway_062914D7K_4374a72_ChrisHoltCmpCnct_Aug2014 D7K_4378a72_WallPtng_Aug2014 D7K_4379a72_ChrisHolt_Aug2014 D7K_4380a72_WallPtng_Aug2014 D7K_4381a72_JessicaTripp_Aug2014D7K_4419a72_ChrisHolt_Aug2014 D7K_4422a72_WallPtng_Aug2014D7K_4431a72_WallMural_Aug2014 D7K_4432a72_Mural_08-14.jpg72 D7K_4433a72_CampConnect_Aug2014