About the Story Circle

Social connection, belonging, and recognition are core longings for each of us. In a culture that often rejects vulnerability and interdependence, though, these longings are often left unmet. Story Circles are a safe space for folks to feel seen and heard. This creative way of connecting is well suited to us, as our hope and mission is to foster deep relationships between folks with different life stories and experiences.


Years ago, Haywood Street had a Story Circle ministry led by companion Barbara Bates Smith, who showed us that “there is magic that happens in Story Circles.” The experiences and relationships that were built in that ministry remain some of the most impactful and profound for many who participated.


With that said, we are excited to share that Haywood Street is working towards bringing the Story Circle back and is partnering with SeekHealing, the leading local training provider for the art of facilitating human connection in a trauma-informed way.


We are raising funds to cover the cost of training a small group of our friends and companions to lead Story Circle here at Haywood Street. The training will empower community members to lead Story Circles in a non-hierarchical way, truly democratizing support for emotional and mental wellness around the Haywood Street Community.


Our goal is to raise $2,500 to off-set the cost of the professional training for this ministry.



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