Haywood Street Congregation is so blessed by the talented young ministers who lead us each week! From baptizing an infant, holding a wedding bouquet, blessing goats and chickens, counseling a troubled friend, sweeping or mopping a floor, intervening in a tense situation, presiding over Communion, and much, much more, they never know just what a Wednesday at Haywood might require.

This ministry is the result of Rev. Brian Combs’ call from God, over six years ago, to reach out to men and women living on the margins with a message of acceptance and a goal of reminding each person of their sacred worth. Last July Rev. Darryl Dayson joined us as associate pastor. Though he was recently appointed pastor of St. Paul UMC, he continues to be with us on Wednesdays, willingly and cheerfully doing whatever is asked of him. We thank God for both of these dedicated men, and thank them for their service at Haywood Street!

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