IMG_20170409_170610_150I find Tim on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, watering the Haywood Street garden. He asks if I want to help care for what’s growing and I tell him that is a very bad idea. “Well, that’s alright. Maybe you can just put something in the ground and then we’ll take care of it.” Much better idea.

Tim tells me he’s been coming to Haywood Street since the beginning. “Back when it was just a few of us.” He tells me how much this place means to the people on the streets. “There would be a lot more cold and hungry people without Haywood Street.”

Tim has experienced homelessness for a long time. But today, this is not the case. After a 2.5 year wait, he has a place to call home. We compare the layout of our apartments–both are comprised of two adjoining rooms. “It’s really all you need,” Tim says. Yeah, I think. It really is.