Thank You Sponsors

Corporate sponsors help make our events successful and support Haywood Street programs all year long. 

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2022 Events include:


November 10, 2022 – At Home with Miss Mary’s Meatloaf Dinner, in partnership with Chefs @ Downtown Welcome Table-

This event will be organized around the all-time favorite Downtown Welcome Table meal and will shine a light on our longstanding partnership with many of Asheville’s top local chefs. This is your opportunity to pick up a to-go order of Miss Mary’s meatloaf with homemade sides to enjoy at home, with an accompanying video featuring Miss Mary and select partner chefs sharing Downtown Welcome Table stories. With family-style dinners for groups of 6 and 12 also available, this event sets you up for a “comfort food” dinner party with the added satisfaction of knowing you are helping to sustain the Downtown Welcome Table. RESERVE YOUR DINNER HERE


Golf for Awareness – 9/16/22

Now in its 6th year, this event runs like a well-oiled machine and benefits from the creative energy of an enthusiastic volunteer team that envisions ways to improve the format each year. A ‘Captain’s Choice’ model, special club rules and an emphasis on fellowship make this event fun and accessible to novices as well as experienced golfers. 

A Seat at the Table – April 19th, 2022

This very special event highlights an amazing partnership between many of Asheville’s top chefs and the Downtown Welcome Table. Our chef partners are planning a lovely evening of food and festivities in the spacious and welcoming atmosphere of Smoky Park Supper Club, to raise funds and awareness for the Downtown Welcome Table. 

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