D7K_9540a72_Martha&Gracelyn_042215   D7K_9541a72_Martha&Gracelyn_042215   D7K_9539a72_Susan&Gracelyn_042215 D7K_9543a72_Gracelyn2wks_042215   D7K_9546.NEFa72_Dave&Gracelyn_042215   D7K_9542a72_Gracelyn_042215

Making her debut at the Welcome Table at the ripe old age of two weeks, baby Gracelyn was the hit of the dining room last Wednesday. Proud mother, Martha, was basking in all the attention. ‘Adoptive grandma Susan’ and ‘uncle Dave’ (as well as many others) insisted on a turn at holding her. Finally tired of being passed around, little Gracelyn made her own commentary at the end!